Would you pay £1000 for a digital signage screen like this?

That’s ok, ours is free if you sign up for our content creation service for just £99 per month

As simple as possible, but an outstanding service with great results

You supply the electricity and a WiFi signal, we do the rest – you tell us what you want your adverts to say and we make them to your brief – you can even use the ads we make on your social media feeds.

You just put the screen in the right place and tell us what you want on the screen (as often as you want).


We provide a screen, digital timer to ensure it is on when you want it on and off when you want it off, and an Android or Fire TV stick that turns what is a normal screen in to an all-singing all-dancing digital signage screen.

Ad creation service

You know how to run a shop, you’re not necessarily a digital signage expert. That’s good because we *are* digital signage experts, so we make & manage your ads for you (to your instructions, of course).

Unlimited changes

Some shops contact us weekly with changes, some shops ask us to refresh their content once a month – there will never be a limit on the frequency or number of changes you can ask us to make.

Reliable systems & services

We have been developing & running our CMS & hybrid digital signage model since 2019; you can be sure that even though what we do is low cost it’s as good as (maybe even better than) you’ll find out there from much more expensive providers.

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The results

All of the work we do results in things being as easy as possible for you, whether that’s the ad creation service we provide you or the operationa capabilities of the hardware, meaning you sell more of what you sell, get more people going to your website or social media pages, whatever else you ask us to run on your screen.

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What can I put on the screen?

Pretty much whatever you like, but existing member shops tend to use them to:

  • Promote particular products or special offers
  • Showcase events
  • Promote a loyalty scheme
  • Direct people to the shop’s website
  • Promote a newsletter
  • Advertise other local shops or events
  • Tell people why buying local is best
  • Show local health messaging
  • Anything else you can think of

Join these other shops in using In-shop Screens to get what they want in front of customers & passers-by…

No contracts

We are *that* confident in what we provide our shops that we don’t ask you to sign anything, let alone a lengthy contract.

All we ask is that if you ever want to give the screen back, that you look after it and give us four weeks notice so we can find a new home for it.

“We have definitely had an increase in enquiries and sales… …one customer even said ‘Your advertising screen has worked!’ and came in to purchase the book.”

The Book Nook, Ware

“We are delighted with the response we’re getting from the screen. “Having highlighted titles has really boosted sales, especially for the adults’ titles, which are new for us.”

Chicken and Frog, Brentwood

It’s all on us

Don’t worry about a screen being damaged, broken or stolen, if any of those happen then it’s on us – our insurance covers everything and we replace the screen for free the first time should yours get accidentally damaged or stolen. If it keeps happening then we can work out why and change things if necessary.

What next?

Feel free to have a look around the rest of our site, the About Us & FAQ page is a good start as it gives you a bit of insight in to us and why (and how) we’re doing this. Or you can dive straight in and visit the apply page to get the ball rolling. Of course, if you’ve got any questions just drop us a line or pick up the phone using the contact page.